Thursday, 7 June 2007

Journler: how to organize things

Yesterday, I already discussed how to make more use of Spotlight with SpotInside. Spotlight is great for finding things, and you can find things even after you forgot where you have put things. I still tend to put things together in subfolders of subfolders, but sometimes wonder if things should go into my Programming/C++ folder or in my Work/SomeProject folder. In the end things tend to get scattered around anyway.

Wishing I had a Mac at my disposable the whole day, I would use this program: It lets you make a journal of things you collect. For me, when working on a project there is a lot of files on the periphery of the actual research or coding that can get lost. Scientific articles with interesting infomation, but how to store that knowledge. I tend to carry a lot of notes and articles with annotations. But these are all in paper, and that's hard to backup, or in half a year: hard to find.

With this fabulous program, you can make notes, and store all kinds of files with those notes. This means I could store a PDF together with my own notes about why this article was useful to me or what idea I got from it, in a digital form. Digital for me means backup-able, re-findable, re-usable.

Unfortunately having a Mac only at night, I cannot properly use to program, lest a sync all the files I generated or used during the day anyway. But that would mean I already would have organized them, and I need this program for that...

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