Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Vienna RSS reader

Surfing from website to website to quench the thirst for nerdy news can be quite consuming as interesting websites as slashdot.org, digg.com and tweakers.net move more and more into the Web 2.0 era and their pages take longer and longer to load. If, on top of that, you decide to start a blog to replace an unfortunately and most stupidly perished snipsnap wiki that you and (much more so) a friend had filled with information about all the computing bits and pieces of a numerical analyst's life, then the daunting task of visiting even more website can become quite frightening.

Of course, what one needs is a decent RSS reader and while Safari displats feeds quite nicely a real RSS reader can safe a lot of time. On MacOS, I prefer Vienna (http://vienna-rss.sourceforge.net/vienna2.php) opensource and complete.

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